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Making It Happen At #MRev Vegas 2015
June 5, Golden Nugget

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About Mortgage Revolution

an un-conference for real originators sharing true strategies

About MRev

About Mortgage Revolution

MRev is a spam-free nonprofit mortgage event led by grassroots originators who share true strategies for success and want to make a positive difference.


To influence a positive change in the mortgage industry by empowering ethical lending professionals with networking, leadership and educational opportunities.

What We Believe:

We believe true mortgage reform needs to come from within and that it is our responsibility to bridge the gap of trust between main street and our industry by raising the standards of lender communication, accuracy and responsiveness.

Who We Are:

Created in 2009, Mortgage Revolution is a grassroots movement lead by street level originators joining forces to participate in the process of building trust and integrity within the mortgage industry.


What We Do

MRev organizes non-profit, spam free mortgage networking events that promote a culture of transparency in sharing innovative ideas and proven strategies from street level originators who are in the trenches making a positive impact in their local communities.

100% of all profits to go charity, and the speakers, sponsors and volunteers all pay for their own room, travel and registration for the purpose of keeping our events pure from politics or favoritism.

  • Education: Find out what’s really working from top active originators
  • Networking: Meet mortgage professionals who care about your success
  • Strategy: Execution, implementation and proven systems that others are actually using
  • Leadership: Setting a higher standard for business conduct and ethical lending
  • Charity: 100% MRev profits are donated to charity, with $50k raised in our first year

Everyone is an expert at something, and we sincerely believe that the key to success is to enable the success of others.

Show up, network, organize, share, teach, learn – you are responsible for your own education.

Our History

It Started With A Simple Idea

Bring a group of like-minded mortgage professionals together for the purpose of networking, education and to raise money for charity so that our friends, family and the media could have something positive to say about our industry.

The real estate market crashed in Las Vegas, NV in early February 2007, with the rest of the country experiencing similar destruction and hardship over the next few years.

Life as everyone knew it was over, and many of the remaining mortgage people were seeking leadership from the traditional establishments to help them make sense of the shock and awe. The top industry influencers, associations and mortgage vendors were shook to their core as well, financially unable to host or sponsor the expensive conferences that historically attracted thousands of originators.

The industry was literally turned on its head with no sense of direction or hope, leaving the surviving mortgage professionals alone in their own trenches to fight their own battles.

When we started planning our first event in 2009, our goal was to gather the surviving mortgage professionals for a networking event where we could talk about ways to make our industry a better place to work by earning back the trust with consumers and agents.

Hundreds of volunteers stepped up to help with speaking, organizing, promoting and even sponsoring.

Tons of strong relationships were developed out of that first year, and we are still talking about the killer experiences and fun memories five years later.


Over $50,000 Raised In One Year

100% of all Mortgage Revolution event proceeds go to a charitable cause.

As a true No-Profit conference, MRev raised over $50,000 in 2010 by hosting a few grassroots mortgage industry events across the country that were designed to bring lending professionals together during the financial crisis.

One thing that makes MRev unique compared to other industry events is that all organizers, speakers, volunteers and sponsors paid for their own room, travel and event ticket.

MRev Vegas has a special focus on raising money for one of our close friends who was diagnosed with brain cancer a few years ago. By keeping the overhead low, relying on friends to help with promotion and asking sponsors to measure their success on the relationships they create by supporting the movement, we hope to raise several thousand dollars.

Read More About Dustin: Facebook – Hughes Troop


Friday June 5th, 2015 @ The Golden Nugget

Registration Opens @ 8:00 AM

The MRev Evolution

Mortgage Revolution is a different type of networking event where Real Loan Originators share True Strategies and tips with a small group of trusted industry friends.

World Domination style collaboration with a focus on hashing out great ideas and putting a plan together for execution.

100% of the proceeds go to a very worthy charitable cause, which means this event is not financially motivated by vendors and spam artists.

We are hosting a one day event on Friday, June 5th, where20+ originators and industry professionals share their best tip for winning in today’s lending environment in ten minutes or less.

The scheduled morning presentations set the tone and pace for the day, and then we roll in a bar and open up the stage after lunch for anyone who wants to share with the group.

Whether it is a proven marketing strategy or a communication tool that increases conversions through trust, MRev’s culture of open sharing and innovation creates a truly valuable networking and educational experience.

Our attendees actually participate in the discussions and brainstorm ways to improve strategies or adapt them for new scenarios that can be implemented for different markets or niches.

This isn’t a pitch fest where mortgage vendors buy the right to SPAM an email list or promote their products from a stage under the guise of “speaking”.

Since education is at the heart of reform in our industry, Mortgage Revolution is all about connecting street level originators who want to share and collaborate on their best strategies that help them succeed in today’s market.

Show up, network, organize, share, teach, learn – you are responsible for your own education.

  • 8:00 - 9:00
    Coffee & Registration
    early morning networking
  • 9:00 - 11:00
    Morning Presentations
    best marketing and lead gen tips
  • 11:15 - 12:00
    Power Panel
    Tim Braheem, Mike Metz, Craig Strent
  • 12:00 - 1:00
    Lunch Served
    lunch served in the event room
  • 1:00 - 3:00
    Afternoon Presentations
    best networking and prospecting tips
  • 3:00 - 5:30
    World Domination
    open mic strategy sharing

Speakers & Sponsors

What’s Your Best Tip?

Each presenter has 10 minutes to share their best strategy for winning

MRev Vegas Presenters

Rene Rodriguez

Five Steps To Establishing Trust With Agents & Consumers

There has never been a greater need for consumer confidence in the housing market. Rene will share how MRev is helping originators be the voice and currency of trust for the mortgage industry.

Ryan Minick

Automated Post-Closing Online Reviews System

Generate hundreds of reviews online from Zillow to Angie’s List automagically with a system that triggers a post-closing email and response for filtering to satisfy compliance.

Scott Schang

Building A Local Online Real Estate Agent Directory

Over 300 local REALTORs joined Scott’s personal online agent directory with minimal effort in less than a year, and they look forward to getting weekly emails and calls from him.

Sam Chauhan

Land The Listing Agent Every Time And Double Your Purchase Business

As a Master of NLP, Conversational Hypnosis and Subliminal Persuasive Linguistics, Sam will share one tip his top producing mortgage coaching clients use to land a meeting with the listing agent on every existing purchase transaction.

Brian Stevens

Be The Featured Lender For Hundreds Of Listings Online

#JustTheTip – Go where the buyers are… Gain massive reach through the future of real estate listing technology. Partnering with a team of agents to market their listings automagically online and through new smart TV innovation is too easy.

Katy Parsons

Easy Facebook Target Marketing For Buyers & Agents

Got an event or local real estate agent directory you’d like to promote to the top agents and their clients on Facebook? Learn how to get in front of thousands of people for less than $10.

Katy ParsonsOregon Mortgage Originator
Robert Ring

Millennials, Mobile Marketing and Building Your Own Team Of Open House Real Estate Agents.

Ther best way to get a true perspective on the Millennial mindset is to talk with a 23-year-old originator who is closing $2m-$4m a month in volume through a strategic partnership wth his team of open house real estate agents who know how to connect and communicate with the younger generation of homebuyers.

Robert RingMillennial Loan Officer
Dave Savage

Mobile Tech That Makes Your Mortgage Advice Easy To Understand

Mortgage Coach has been helping families make confident home financing decisions for more than 15 years. Learn how to have a borrower conversation that increases your Realtor Referral

Tim Braheem

Removing Barriers That Are Inhibiting The Growth Of Your Business

How do you prepare mentally, physically and logistically for a jump from 10 closings a month to 50, and what barriers do you have to break down to make it happen?

Jason Berman

Be In The Right Place, Right Time, Every Time

Whether it’s marketing or prospecting, the secret of success is knowing when, where and how to show up, with the right message every time. Jason will share one clever trick that always produces results.

Jason BermanColorado Mortgage Broker
Ginger Bell

Build An Agent Database With Automated Webinars

Learn how to setup niche landing pages to promote automated pre-recorded webinars for the purpose of building a targeted database email list, such as real estate agents, attorneys or financial planners.

Janet Slightam

How The Big Boys Really Generate Real Estate Leads

Get the inside scoop and truth from an industry lead gen pro on how the big companies are actually generating their own real estate leads online, and what is possible for you.

Janet SlightamMortgage Marketing
Fred Arnold

Setting Up A TV and Radio Show

Learn about hosting your own local TV or Radio show and be recognized by agents, business owners and community leaders as a trusted authority on the housing marketing and finance.

Scott Beaudry

Getting In With Your Local Real Estate Association

As President-Elect of the Las Vegas REALTOR Association, Scott will share the top three ways originators can work with local associations and amplify their presence infont of the real estate agent community.

Scott BeaudryPresident-Elect Las Vegas Realtor Association
Gibran Nicholas

How to Teach CE Classes to Real Estate Agents and Financial Advisors

Learn how to use unique content as your “trojan horse” to compete with in-house lenders and MSAs; discover the top five topics that are hot in today’s market. Walk away with outlines and scripting on how to present in a one-on-one format or as part of a group presentation.

Gibran NicholasCMPS Institute
Andrew Berman

Three Ways To Work With Financial Planners

Learn why financial planners need to work with mortgage professionals, where to find large lists of financial planners online and the exact script to use when calling and emailing them for an initial meeting.

Khai McBride

Making It Happen

Follow Khai’s advice and you will execute on at least one of the 20 plus strategies and systems discussed at MRev.

Khai McBridePerformance Coaching
Shaun Guerrero

High Performance Prospecting

Making phone calls is the fastest way to put applications in processing today. Shaun will share his strategy for consistently knocking out 15 prospecting calls per day, regardless of how many directions his mortgage business pulls him in.

Shaun GuerreroWashington Mortgage
Sam Parker

Stop Losing Loans To Bad Credit

With more people than ever dealing with credit issues, find out how to transform problem files into closings and position yourself as niche lender in your community.

Sam ParkerMy Credit Guy
Erik Janeczko

How To Generate Business For Referral Partners

4 simple, easy, conversations TOP originators are using to secure profitable and effective lead generation partnerships with real estate agents, financial planners, CPAs, insurance agents

Erik JaneczkoMaximum Acceleration Coaching
Marty Stroiman

34 Years With Over $1Billion In Personal Fundings – Top Tips For Faster Closings

Marty will pack three decades worth of processing and origination knowledge into ten minutes of rapid fire strategies and tips that have helped him stay on top of his game, winning the trust and loyalty of agents and clients.

Marty StroimanPresident - Builders Funding Corp
Matt Hansen

Become Siri’s Preferred Lender. Making More With Mobile

Matt is CEO and Founder of SimpleNexus, a mobile tech company that provides mortgage companies beautifully branded Android and iPhone apps tha help originators generate more business, connect with REALTORS and stay compliant. His mobile apps have been installed on more than 100,000 phones, processed more than 500,000 calculations and have more than 15,000 referral partner versions. Hear about mobile marketing from a true expert and innovator.

Matt HansenMortgage Mobile Apps
Eric T. Mitchell

Flip The Script – Generate Buyer Leads For The Agents You Want To Work With

How to use leverage strategies to take Realtor relationships to deeper levels! Understand what Realtors really want and how best to give it to them!

Eric T. MitchellGoldstar Mortgage Financial Group

MRev Vegas Sponsors

MRev Better Loan Officers


CMPS Institute

MRev LeaderOne Financial

MRev Mortgage Coach Edge

MRev National Mortgage Professional Magazine

MRev Top of Mind Networks

Maximum Acceleration


Hancock Mortgage

MRev My Credit Guy Sam

TPD Marketing

Book Rooms

MRev Is Downtown Vegas

The Strip is a 15 minute cab ride from Downtown Las Vegas

About Booking Golden Nugget Rooms

MRev 2015 wll be Downtown Las Vegas at the newly renovated Golden Nugget Hotel.

We are opening the doors at 8:00 AM Friday June 5th for early networking and coffee.

The actual event starts at 9:00 AM, which will give everyone time to find their way over to the hotel and convention room.

Your best option for convenience and to stay close to the rest of the group is to try and book a room at the Golden Nugget.

If you choose to stay on the Strip, keep in mind that it is about a 15 min. cab ride with minimal traffic from the Stip to Downtown.

There is a massive First Friday event Downtown on June 5th that covers about 8 blocks and includes a number of DJs, performers, bands and other entertainment.  There are a ton of fun local bars, excellent restaurants and alternative attractions within walking distance or at Golden Nugget.

Golden Nugget Hotel – 129 E. Fremont St.Las Vegas, Nevada 89109


We will be opening up registration for MRev 2016 in Feb.



The best way to connect with the organizers of MRev is by completing the form below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Mortgage Revolution is hosted and organized by volunteers who are full-time mortgage professionals.

Our goal is to bring a couple hundred friends together for a killer event that inspires networking and innovation. 100% of all revenue is given to a charity to keep the event focused on originators vs promoting vendors, and because it feels good helping people feel good.

We will do our best to get back in touch with you asap once you complete the form on the right. In the mean-time, please see if we can help answer your question in the section below.

Event Organizers:

Event / Main Contact – Mark Madsen 702-496-5626
Speakers / Agenda – Rene Rodriguez
Sponsors / Charity – Andrew Berman

Fill out my online form.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I book rooms?

We have a special MRev discount through the Golden Nugget for a limited number of rooms, which you can purchase with your MRev ticket on this page. Your name, room details and any special requests will be submitted to the Golden Nugget on May 12, which means we need to have your room info booked through the MRev form by May 10th.

You will be responsible at check-in to give them your credit card for additional charges made to the room.

What if I do not get a room at the Golden Nugget?

There are plenty of places to stay Downtown Las Vegas. However, if you are staying at a different hotel Downtown, make sure you do a review search to ensure you get a nice place.

The Las Vegas Strip is a 15 min cab ride away from Downtown with plenty of options as well.

What should I wear to the event?

Something comfortable. It will be hot in Vegas that week, and the air conditioning may be kicking hard during the event. This is a time to network and learn without worrying about sitting around in a stuffy suit all day.

What is the event agenda?

People are showing up Thursday, if not earlier in the week for a different mortgage event.

MRev will have a meetup planned for Thursday night Downtown Las Vegas, as well as a big night out Friday after the event.

Event registration and morning coffee will start Friday June 5th at 8:00 AM.

The day is scheduled with 10 minute presentations where street level originators and branch managers share their top tip for success in a range of categories from marketing and lead gen to building referral partners or running a branch.

We have pre-scheduled presentations in the morning, and then the afternoon is open mic for all attendees who would like to participate.

Check the Agenda tab on this page for more detail.

How do I speak at the event?

Please fill out the contact form on our site to be connected with the volunteer in charge of organizing our speakers and agenda.

We have a goal of featuring 15 – 20 speakers in a rapid fire format where each presenter will share one winning tip in 10 minutes.

The purpose of our TED Style presentation is to stimulate conversation and inspire innovation. The traditional conference format of 60 minute powerpoint slides and grandstanding just to push a product doesn’t fit our vibe.

If you have a great strategy or an innovative idea that you want to share with a small group of action takers, please drop us a note on the form above.

How do I sponsor MRev Vegas?

We appreciate all of the support we can get from banks and vendors who believe in our mission of making a positive impact on the industry and raising the standards of professionalism.

MRev events are about getting together with a close group of 200 friends to share tips and strategies that are working in today’s lending environment.

100% of the revenue is given back to charity to keep our events pure and focused on providing extreme value for the participating attendees.

Financial and promotional support from our event sponsors is necessary to providing a valuable networking and educational experience, so we go out of our way to show our gratitude through social media, website placement, booths and anything else we can do to make it a win win.

While there is a strict No Pitching policy from event speakers, we will have a couple promoted sponsor presentations available.

Reach out to us through our contact form on this site and we will talk with you about options for participating at a sponsorship level.